Thursday, 12 February 2015

Japan Exchange 2014-2015

Rossett School students are in Japan now.
Please check out the blog about exchange this year and our twitters!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

交換留学 Exchange Trip

Looks like Japanese Rossett students are having a great time with Ishigami school in. Nikko, exchange trip.
Please see our twitter @Japan_Rossett


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

by McKenzie Collins

This morning, we received a lot of snow! Traffic was awful, and most of the students were late! Although it causes a lot of problems, I do like snow - it looks beautiful (as long as you're warm indoors).

In Japanese, this could be said as
'Watashi wa yuki ga suki desu.'
'I like snow.'

Yuki (雪) is the kanji (symbol) for snow. Just like snow, it's a nice word!

I hope to see snow when I go to Nikko on Rossett's Japanese Exchange!


By Eve Pepper

Latest con!

My latest anime/manga convention was Digi-con at Doncaster race coarse. A fantastic event, filled with, who I consider my own kind. My cosplay choice was Rin Okumura from blue exorcist.
Many new friends were made, aswell as some amazing items bought. These include Titan High (manga). And a Spirited away 'no face' or Kaonashi plushie. Who has joined boh (mouse) on my bed.

Cosplay and Anime by Chloe Munt

Cosplay and Anime

My friends and I love to watch anime, read manga and cosplay as our favourite characters. Some of our favourite animes are Attack On Titan, Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist and Death Note. We also listen to J-pop, J-rock and Vocaloid. Here are a few of our cosplays:

byJosh Wilson

It's only 19 days to go until we go to japan, yay!
In 19 days we go to japan, the Japanese exchange is a long running event which takes place every two years. Luckily some people have the pleasure to go on a 12 hour flight to the furthest part of the globe, Japan.
When we go we will visit many great sights such as Tokyo tower and the Royal place. It will be so much fun. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Japanese Exchange 24-27 Nov 2014 by Emilia Manship

Recently at Rossett, Japanese exchange students visited our school in Harrogate. I had an exchange student myself. Her name is Ayumi Shirose ( 歩 白勢 ) and we went to York and saw the "Shambles" and went to the national railway museum. We also walked around Harrogate, to Farrahs and Harrogate pump rooms. On the Wednesday night, we went bowling at Memwith Hill. It was fun! We had giant pizza and chips as well!

I was in a team with Ayumi,Kanako, Deborah, Moe and Arina. On that Wednesday during school time, we had an assembly "showcasing" the Japanese exchange students to the school. It was very fun and I am looking forward to going to Japan in February!

By Emilia Manship